Understanding "Cannot find external name <classname>"

Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 10:37 PM UTC

This is my error message of the month: "Cannot find external name <classname>" I just saw this a few days ago on a customer's Domino server console. Caused by a periodic agent running some code and using a class called <classname>. If you know the reason for that error message, then you can skip the next paragraphs. If not, read & learn :-)

First assumption: replication conflict in the design element "script lib" that contains the class

Short: no, not the reason. I checked the NSF via package explorer, ODP structure and stuff - no doubles detected.

Next assumption: rights of the agent's signer

Short: no, signed with server id which works fine here. Checked server document's security options - everything ok.

3rd assumption: I used a preserved name for my class

I went into several caveats in the past years when I used names for classes or variables that did collide with the system itself. In this case the class was named "AdminProcess". Sounds familiar? Yes, but that wasn't the reason, either - way to easy. I renamed the class and even put it into the agent itself instead of binding and calling the library.

Finallly: I checked the code and...

My class uses the NotesDirectoryNavigator class to lookup person document's informations. This class was introduced with Notes/Domino 8. When I was on the server console I finally typed

sh ser

and got the explanation. This was a test server and still running a release 7.0.3 (sic!)

So the simple reason just was that the server didn't know the NotesDirectoryNavigator class at all - but the error message didn't say that directly. I guess this is just a message of awkwardness, such as a "case else" outcome.

If you ever get this message then please look first if you are using stuff that the server just doesn't know because it's too old for that.

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Dominic wrote on 06.10.2017, 19:49

Just found another reason for that error - still not obvious one: Had a NotesUiWorkspace initialization in the libs Initialize event. Fine for the Notes Client, but throws this error when using this lib in a web agent. So keep in Mind. Smile

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