Installing the OpenNTF API RC2.1 correctly

Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 12:26 PM UTC

Jesse Gallagher did it already with his "Note About Installing the OpenNTF API RC2 Release" and posted the correct way to install the latest drop of the API.

Thanks to Nathan Freeman I was able to do it on my machines, too.

I did it "my way" and produced a little video to show how to do it live. It's very easy if you just know how Winken

(Sorry for the bad sound, the mic I always use doesn't work well on that notebook)

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Oliver Busse wrote on 24.11.2014, 11:54

I think I pointed that out in my video - remove prio versions BEFORE trying to install the newst version. BTW with the latest code drop you don't have to remove it, just keep going as you did before.

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Paul Withers wrote on 24.11.2014, 11:48

it sounds like Ecipse may be seeing an older version of the plugin. There were significant changes to the architecture of the Designer plugin in order for the Javadoc support to work. This means that if a previous version of the API was installed, you need to remove that first via File > Application > Application Management.... You'll also need to restart after uninstalling any previous versions.

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Patrick Kwinten wrote on 24.11.2014, 10:11

Hi Oliver I am back. 


can you help me out how i can install the domino api plugin in domino designer?
here are the steps i take:
- unpack the download, which is OpenNTF Domino API RC2.1
- open the updateDesigner.nsf in Notes, sign all the content, 
- update the url references in updateDesigner.nsf e.g. nrpc:///__85257d25007297fc/site.xml
note that the database does not reside in my Notes data directory
- close Notes client, open Designer
- choose File \ Application\ Install
- select search for new features to install
- choose add remote location
- enter a name, enter the url nrpc:///__85257d25007297fc/site.xml, select OK
the message no acceptable features found appears.
I run Designer 9.01
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Patrick Kwinten wrote on 08.10.2014, 20:16

thanks, the setup is easy once you get the proper instructions :-)


I noticed this text field is not accessible in Chrome :-?

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