CKE 4.3.2 in FP2 - some changes in the dialogs

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 9:33 PM UTC

Today I faced another "issue" with the brandnew CKEditor in FP2: they changed the dialog to insert an image from your disk. The following shows the differences:

Image dialog in FP1, CKE 3.x

Image dialog in FP2, CKE 4.3.2

In FP2 I use the Bootstrap skin, so results may vary - but there is no upload button anymore. Per Henrik Lausten reported that for him the image information screen is displayed after hitting the OK button. I never saw this. I tested in FF, IE11 and Chrome. 

For some reason the function did not work for me in Chrome completely - no image was inserted after hitting OK. I first thought that this was a general Chrome issue and tested it again in a new incognito tab (without any extensions at all) - and it worked!

As I now knew the reason I searched for the extension that was responsible for that - and finally found it.

Ripple is the villain!

I like Ripple, the mobile device emulator for your browser. In this case you should deactivate it or use another browser where you don't have the extension installed or - as I do from now on - use a new incognito page to prevent the usage of any extension.

Found other issues? Please report them in the comments L├Ąchelnd


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Howard wrote on 11.09.2014, 21:05

Two other issues...

One is that while the CKeditor was updated on the Domino server, someone in the Designer team forgot to update the files on the local web preview server.. So, any previews of XPages on a local database will not use the same CK Editor as the server.

Also, Per reported that the toolbarType parameter to set the CK editor buttons changed to toolbar.



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