"Trial version" message in HCL Nomad Web

Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 8:40 PM UTC

Today I created a new Docker image for my test server to run the latest version of HCL Nomad Web for Domino. I always use the community script to build the image. Everything worked flawlessly. When I tried to check the new version I ran into a problem though:

I've never seen this before after an update - which I've done several times since Nomad Web is available for Domino.

I could solve the problem using a private browser window to access the Nomad URL. I then was prompted to login. However, even after logging in I still had trouble accessing the recent apps page. This then was solved just reloading the page completely using SHIFT-CMD-R (or SHIFT-CTRL-R if you are on Windows). This loads a page and all resources even when they were in the cache before.

I can exclude a server problem here as I am running everything in a container. So I always build a new image to test a new version, be it Domino or in this case Nomad Web. It's always a clean install without any prior version crap.

Currently I am not able to tell what happened here but I am in touch with HCL to investigate. Thanks to John Paganetti and Doug Conmy for reaching out after seeing my tweet!

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Friedhelm Klein wrote on 14.03.2023, 09:24

I updated several servers (Nomad Domino and Nomad Safelinx), and did not get such a warning.

What I did experience - like on previous Nomad updates - the client side update is not as seamless as it is with Verse.

When you have Nomad already installed in your browser, the first run after updating the server is most likely causing a startup hang and maybe showing some random error messages or blank load screens. After closing and restarting the browser app, the local update is properly installed with no further warning. This behaviour was consistent since 1.0.3.

Verse, on the other hand, prompts you properly wether you want to upgrade your Verse app, Nomad does not.



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Ulrich Krause wrote on 11.03.2023, 06:22

Same after upgrading nomad on my Domino 12.0.2. Got the message on first browser access. Deleted the browser cache and everything works fine.

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Daniel Nashed wrote on 10.03.2023, 23:49

Worked for me with the community image. The client prompted for an update.


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Martin wrote on 10.03.2023, 11:20

I can't reproduce it in my test environment under Windows.


[0404:0006-20A8] HCL Domino (r) Server (64 Bit) (Release 12.0.2 for Windows/64) 10.03.2023 11:11:00


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