Friendly reminder (to myself): send an Engage session abstract!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at 9:01 PM UTC

These days I got a friendly reminder mail from Theo to encourage us to send a session abstract for Engage - or more than one. I am late this year but I promise I will send some Smile

It's also this time of the year when I ask others to team up with me for a session. This way I want to encourage people who never spoke at a conference. Speaking is such great fun and - even more important - if you are on-site you will meet the people you may only know from the internet.

I already did two sessions in the past with a co-speaker, one of them was a first-timer. The collaboration went very smoothly with Jan and Mark and the final session was a lot of fun!

So I am searching YOU! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me - it's best to reach me on the OpenNTF Slack channels with a direct message or on Twitter. I don't have a particular topic in mind, but of course my main focus is Notes/Domino and here it is AppDev and some admin stuff, too. But also look a bit further: it's all about integration, so why not showing some best practices integrating Domino with other systems? I am open and I am thinking about it for myself, too.

The deadline for sending an abstract to Theo is January 14 - so hurry up! We don't have to have a final presentation until then. He will confirm or reject abstracts in early February. If a session gets confirmed, we would start to work on it - plenty of time until March 22.

So let's support Theo again - hopefully in person in Bruges! Grin

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Daniel Nashed wrote on 05.01.2022, 21:03

Just submitted two sessions a minute ago..
No surprised about the topics I think :-)
But new content for 12.0.1 ...

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