Potential bug in Domino Access Services API

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 3:30 PM UTC

Just encountered a problem with Domino Access Services API (DAS). When using the endpoint to get all calendar entries of a given user with


and you don't have any entries in the calendar, the response will be empty. It will be a 200 response though but the expected result would be an empty JSON object


and not just "nothing". This is a potential problem in your apps when you try to parse this response as JSON object - as it isn't a valid JSON object.

Once there is at least one entry everything works fine

{ "events": [ { "href": "/mail/tbuktu.nsf/api/calendar/events/7F172834C28F52C7002583B5002FAA72-Lotus_Notes_Generated", "id": "7F172834C28F52C7002583B5002FAA72-Lotus_Notes_Generated", "summary": "Meeting", "start": { "date": "2019-03-08", "time": "08:00:00", "utc": true }, "end": { "date": "2019-03-08", "time": "09:00:00", "utc": true }, "class": "public", "transparency": "opaque", "sequence": 0, "x-lotus-organizer": { "data": "CN=Tim Buktu/O=ProtonWe4IT" }, "x-lotus-summarydataonly": { "data": "TRUE" }, "x-lotus-appttype": { "data": "3" } } ] }

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Oliver Busse wrote on 06.03.2019, 20:52

In the code? What code? However, it's not in the docs. Interesting anyway. I wasn't aware of it.

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Karsten Lehmann wrote on 06.03.2019, 20:48

This behavior is intended and documented in the code, but with a todo to check if that empty response makes sense. 

I would say no. :-) 

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