Quick-Tip: Getting Rules to Work in IBM Verse #ibmchampion

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 2:46 PM UTC

‚ÄčOne thing that bugged me for a long time since we migrated to IBM Verse SmartCloud was that my mailrules weren't working anymore. Though I checked and re-saved the rules via the Notes client (on the replica of the SmartCloud mail NSF) the rules did not work.

I just had some simple rules that moved mails away from the inbox under certain conditions (subject, sender etc.)

As Verse itself does not provide a UI for creating rules you have to return to the old interface - which is iNotes Webaccess. To open your Verse mailbox in iNotes just go to the menu "More" and choose "SmartCloud Notes Web". This will bring up iNotes. Navigate to the rules and open and re-save all of them. There seems to be a certain field or flag set after saving via the web UI this way and the rules suddenly start to work!

One downside: Verse does not display unread counts in folders - I hope this will get fixed some time.

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Pierre Milcent wrote on 25.05.2018, 15:54

i only use Verse now as my prefered email client since 2,5 years, and i agree some visual enhancements are required.

Thanks to some great IBMers who developed extension i would recommend you to give a try to this one "AgileVerse" is very nice, i love it !


Let us know what you think with may be a small blog entry about this.


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