Goodbye, Apple - my journey to iOS - Part 5

Friday, January 15, 2016 at 8:11 PM UTC

This will be my last part of this series as I am going to quit this journey NOW.

I ran my iPhone 6 for six months now. We had highs and lows. The lows predominating now. 

I will stop this experiment - it was nothing more than this.

The iPhone had some benefits though:

  • battery life
  • torch light access
  • Touch ID

But the annyoing things are taking over more and more

  • installing apps: only via iTunes or directly on the phone
  • data sync via WiFi
  • usage of FUCKING iTunes, the worst software in the world - even worse than any Microsoft product will ever be
  • completely different and faulty behavior of software I was used to like Dropbox and Spotify
  • sensibility - I dropped it and the glass was broken instantly. No Android device was broken during the past 10 years though I dropped all of them several times

The final death blow was this evening: I recorded a video with my iPhone. I wasn't able to sync/download it to my PC without using a third party tool. Neither Dropbox (which work also crappy on iOS) nor iTunes (which is the worst softtware in a PC) could download the file. You are not able to access the file system of an iPhone. That is the killer argument for me.

Tomorrow I will fetch another SIM card that fits into my 3 years old HTC M7 and throw that FUCKING iPhone away. I don't even dare to sell this piece of shit as I am not sure if I can delete all my data on it. I will nail it to the next wall I can find.

Thanks for nothing, Apple. Fare well.

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Detlev Pöttgen wrote on 16.01.2016, 12:32


before nailing the iPhone 6 to the next wall - give it to me :-)


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Heiko Voigt wrote on 15.01.2016, 23:25

Wow, nice rant. Basically, the same reasons you came up with lets me stay on BB10 and Android. I had no issues with the Hardware but the fenced in iOS is hard to cope with for me, too hard, actually. I love Mac OSX but iOS is something I hate with passion after having to work and develop for it in several projects. But hey, that's me, my favorite mobile OS has less than 0.5% market share. So its me who's wrong probably :-).

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Kevin Pettitt wrote on 15.01.2016, 22:51

Wow. I'm having similar feelings about Android and was thinking of getting an iPhone 7 when the time comes. Mostly my frustration with Android is that occasionally my Galaxy S6 active reason and then it catches up and everything moves too quickly and the wrong stuff happens and and and...

I attribute my frustrations to the AT&T and Samsung bloatware/crapware that cannot be uninstalled. That fact alone explains my longing for iOS, but I also notice that, in general, developers put more effort into their iOS apps than Android. I don't have any plans to use iTunes or any other "play the music on your device" apps so that's not a huge concern.

I'm interested now to go back and look at your earlier posts. As for your iPhone, you could always buy a BlendTec and solve the problem :-).

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