XPages on Bluemix - an Introduction in 3 Parts

Friday, October 16, 2015 at 8:42 PM UTC

I recently made some videos about how to get started on IBM Bluemix using an existing XPages application. The focus was to show how to migrate your application to the SaaS platform IBM delivers with Bluemix and what caveats you have to overcome.

Actually this was a one-taker to practise this part of my session I made at this year's ICON UK conference in London. Due to the fact that I had only 45 minutes the 3rd video covers the missing part of my presentation. You can find the slide deck here.

The awesome David Leedy published them on his well known channel NotesIn9.com that we all are aware of. Once again I am happy and humbled to contribute to this great resource - thank you David for having me on the show!

The series is devided into 3 parts:

If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions  then please drop me a note L├Ąchelnd

These are the live apps from the videos you can use and test:

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Patrick Kwinten wrote on 10.03.2016, 11:47

I do not understand the way how you bring custom data NSF's into bluemix? I can create a copy of an NSF on the bluemix server but what then? It does not appear to my services catalog.


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