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Hi to all, just few words to the discussion. We are on production with many our project written in Xpages. One project was built 6y ago and still works in government daily used. The app is stable, quick, and still modern. But we are still on Domino 9.0.1 FP9. I dont want to.spent days to fix things what works now. No Domino10, maybe Domino11 if everything is stable and work friendly. On the other side we are working on other projects with other technologies - nodejs, python etc. Honestly  our new projects were build outside Domino. We need some development in the frameworks to make us happy to implement new stuff. I lost that some time ago. With the new frameworks i found that hapinnes again. So 4me Xpages are halfdead. Look around how the world looks like. How the y upgrades their frameworks. This time was with IBM when the Xpaged started. But we never will know what really happened at that time. What went wrong with IBM decissions to let Xpages down. 

Till something new in XPages will happen, ... 

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