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unfortunately I couldn't attend Gurupalooza. Had a few other conference calls yesterday and then it was time for the family.

Thanks for mentioning Domino JNA! Do you know who asked about appending a JPG file attachment from richtext item A as embedded image in a richtext item B? Would be happy to help, e.g. in the Domino JNA slack chat on

Using Domino JNA, it's not a big deal, it can read binary content from $file without the need to extract it on disk and can create images in richtext (PNG, JPG and GIF I think).


And there was a question about a calendar&scheduling API in Domino. This is built into the legacy LS/Java APIs as NotesCalendar class and also available via Domino JNA.

Here is the documentation:

Unfortunately there are not many examples how to use the API.

But maybe this helps:

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