Bluemix - finding the workflow

Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 6:34 PM UTC

Today I found some time to fiddle around with Bluemix and it's features. I tried several options and tutorials. Unfortunately over the day the JazzHub service stopped working properly so I paused. After reporting this to JazzHub via Twitter (still the most convenient way to do so) the service started running normally - after less than 30 minutes. Thanks to those who got it started again!

With JazzHub working I could continue to go through one of the tutorials I found here:

The benefit of using JazzHub to manage your projects is that this service is better integrated than the Git way - at least I didn't manage to build and deploy my changes in a Git-based project to a Bluemix app I had. I deleted every app that I started that way.

The app in the tutorial is very simple and doesn't use any service, it's just a simple JEE web application - a good starter for me as I don't want to use a data store or something else yet. I also could not setup my Eclipse until now to play with the Bluemix services directly though I installed everything needed from the Eclipse marketplace. I am pretty sure that I figure that out soon.

The key part of a successful usage of source control, automatic building (and testing is this case) and deploying the result to your space is to set up a builder and a deployer. Sounds reasonable but you have to know it and know how to do that. For that the tutorial mentioned above is a great starting point. I don't bother that the app itself is simple and "dumb" - in this episode of Blumixing for myself I wanted to learn the workflow - done!

So with source control working (though I am using JazzHub/RTC though I really hate the plugin) I am now able to tweak a bit of the application, so I added - guess what - some color by using Bootstrap from a template I already showed in my videos: the "New Bootstrap skeleton" template in Brackets.

This is my humble and simple result for now:

p.s. if the app is not running then I am deploying Winken

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