Excursion to a V-Server hosted environment

Monday, October 13, 2014 at 10:24 PM UTC


Today I got my V-Server setup (after 5 days due to hardware issues in the datacenter). First of all: I hate datacenters, I hate providers. What the heck do they do to the customers? It's not about bad service - no, that was ok so far. It's about the way you have to deal with it after they set it up for you. This was my first one. And I'll never get another - I swear!

I name it: PLESK. What the fuck is this shit? What do they want to show the customer? This is an example of "how to provide a UI that sucks". I didn't have a clue what was going on there. This software got stuck in the 90s where the user was doomed to fail with everything he/she wants to do with the webspace that he/she OWNS and PAYS for it. I don't want preconfigured stuff like Joomla, Wordpress or ther bullshit. I want a clean and naked Linux. I even didn't know that this would be a 64bit Linux with Selinux (I hate it, too) and LVM - holy shit, I don't need that!

I set up several Linuxes. I setup Dominos, Apaches, databases and stuff. I like TTYs a lot. I like Ubuntu. But if you aren't able to configure the services that run on a server without using that ridiculous PLESK... I've got no words for that. 

It seems very complicated just to serve a simple machine running an OS, to install a software on it and just access it via a domain you just ordered directly. Hell, I have got a SERVER software running and I don't need all this bullshit on that machine. Just tell me how to stop all this stupid services that block MY software. 

My little server in the broom closet, you are my precious. I can access you, I can install software, I can configure you. Though I have to use the fucking Dyndns it works. I even can access my private network from OUTSIDE - I couldn't from the hosted one. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26349968/additional-domino-first-server-not-responding




Today I had a call with the support of my hosting service provider (HostEurope) and I must say: this support is brilliant! Well informed, no bullshit-talking, just giving the right answers and tips. He was also familiar with IBM Domino and so he agreed that all the Plesk stuff can be shut down if my Domino is up and running. Kudos to this guy! He also showed me how to connect my domain to my server (it wasn't done automatically) and setup several domains that point to it - without even asking for it but just to show me how easy it is. Great!

Currently I am copying all the files from my own machine to the remote host as I wasn't able to remote setup the Domino as an additional server (the new server could not connect to the first server though it was pingable and connected via 1352 - strange). This now took about 1,5 hours and is still running... I hope to get this "bitch" up and running tonight...

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