Level-up for my home office work

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 12:31 AM UTC

It's Prime Day season and again Amazon supported another project I planned just about 10 days ago. Everything I ordered for that arrived earlier than it was originally scheduled - superb! I currently have a week off and planned to further improve my home office setup for this time - I was able to do it even earlier.

Sitting 8 hours a day is not a good idea at all so I had this plan for a while: to get a sitting/standing desk. The addition to my plan was inspired by several Youtubers that use a walking pad. Long story short: I ordered a Flexispot desk (foundation only since I already had my massive maple desk-top for 3 years). I had to cut the plate as I cannot move the whole length of 2,5m but "only" 1,9m. The Flexispot desk is able to lift up to 160kg with its two motors - this is outstanding but in this case very helpful as the wood already is about 60kg. Setting it up was very easy and the quality is great. It also has a auto-stop functionality to avoid damage or harm when hitting an obstacle, i.e. you fingers, pets or objects. A memory for 3 heights and also a time to remind you to stand.

It took me 6 hours to disassemble everything before I could screw the old wooden top to the new stand and another 5 hours to put everything back into place with cables and stuff. And the dust... oh boy - time for a cleanup.

The last bit was adding a new device which helps me to get more exercise during the day. A walking pad. These devices are for walking speed only. I am not a runner at all and these are also working without a upper handle. It came with a remote control to start/stop and to adjust the tempo up to 6 km/h. I don't think I will go that fast during work tasks but it's good to know that I could. I'l have to adapt to this slowly - walking while doing my work stuff with my hands and eyes.

It is really cool to have my morning / afternoon walks while being productive. It's also a totally different feeling while making some music Smile

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