The end is near...

Friday, December 20, 2013 at 10:09 PM UTC

The end is near... No, not "the" end (hopefully) but the end of the year. Time to reflect the things you've done and things that may be not done yet. But it is the time to calm down, enjoy the free days (as you have them) and spend time with the ones you love. Forget about all sorrows if you can and keep business out of sight for a few days now.

If you want to be creative during your holidays and the free days, just invite some friends and have a good time - and maybe you can have fun with the following game:

If you have a device on that you can install one of those cool apps like Shazam or Soundhound then do it RIGHT NOW! Grin They are free of charge and very useful to find a song you just made the app "listen" to.

My idea is: use the app and DO NOT make it listen to a song on the radio etc. but just SING to it. Even if you think you cannot even "sing" just give it (and yourself) a try. How the game works: if the app recognizes your singing and is displaying the song in the list, you are done. If not - just give yourself a shot of some... erm... be creative! It CAN be some kind of a "drinking game" but sure you can alter it to a more child-friendly kind of game. Maybe you can even integrate it to the moment you hand your gifts to your family members/friends. Everytime the app recognizes your singing, you are able to receive the gift. If not, you have to repeat it or try it with another song. 

I imagine this a ton of fun - and it is something different.

So have fun and a great time - with or without that suggestion Smile

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