Apple, Android, Microsoft and me

Monday, June 13, 2016 at 9:12 PM UTC

You remember my exploration to iOS months ago? I bought an iPhone in August 2015. It was an experiment for me as I was using Android devices for years before. I changed my iPhone 6 due to a crash on the floor (to a 6S) You also remember my rant post on it, too? Well, I am still thinking that Apple is a piece of shit when it comes to "open" and "free" software. The propreitary style of Apple pays it's toll now. I also had the chance to test one of the best Android devices of our time, the Nexus 6P - awesome!
I am writing this article with the WWDC2016 keynote and the EURO2016 games in the background, so it might be a bit euphoric though. 

After all my rant posts, after my first real issue with iOS not syncing correctly to my iCloud and Dropbox account, I am still using the device. In addition I bought an iPad Air from Ebay and accessory for it.
You may think I am stupid. I am actually!

I own other tablet devices which run Android (4.x and 5.x) but they all have one thing in common: the lag of performance. Android is a great OS and it always will "run" on any device. The problem is it's fragmentation and diversity. iOS doesn't know this issue. It's the price you have to pay when you want performance and stability. iOS is made for one type of device only. For that it is fast, stable and offers features around all devices which support a certain version. I am using the public betas of iOS since I use the devices from the start. Except from some minor issues I never experienced any major problems (iCloud sync was one of them).

Today I watched the WWDC2016 keynote. Due to the Orlando shootings it started unusually with a very moving moment. The rest of the two hours were very inspiring and I am really looking forward to the upcoming releases.
Another thing that was annouced today: Microsoft acquires LinkedIn. I don't know how to deal with that. I used LinkedIn for years now but just because I want to stay in touch with my international peeps that I don't have on Facebook (also not my network regarding privacy). With Microsoft now having access to my business data (more than it had before) I cannot estimate the consequences, yet. From an enduser point of view I'd say: quit LI membership immediately. Microsoft is the vendor of Windows 10 - which I hate probably the most of all Windows versions ever (even Vista was less intruding).
With all that being said: I am still looking for a sponsor for an iMac 27" for my music studio but I don't want to use MacOS for my daily work. I am working with IBM Notes/Domino which is intended to run on Windows only (at least the client/designer does) and using a VM is not a solution when you are a developer who appreciates a dual monitor setup.

I will continue using my Windows 8.1 PC for work, my iPhone for staying in touch with the "outer world" and my iPad for anything else - the WWDC keynote ran flawlessly (which didn't on Windows 10's Edge browser). 

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