I will be speaking at SUTOL 2015 in Prague

Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 11:40 PM UTC

The morning after ICON UK I woke up and just noticed a mail from Martin Jinoch (one of the organizers) of the upcoming user group event SUTOL in Prague, Czech Republic just telling me that my session was approved!

This autumn SUTOL is the first that's being held in English language (Czech was the language during the prior events) so I am very happy to be a part of it soon! Prague is just 150km from my home town, Dresden, so it feels very "familiar" to go there.

This event is also one of the traditional ones, being organized for 7 years now. The audience is from central and eastern Europe which I am really interested in to meet. So safe the date (November 11, 2015) and come to the wonderful city of Prague, enjoy the town and the event and meet people from the Yellow/Blue/Sphere.

My session is about utilizing the power of Graph database technology in your common XPages application using the OpenNTF Domino Java API - a really interesting and advanced approach to manage big data and to improve data quality.

Keep yourself up-to-date here: https://connections.sutol.cz/communities/service/html/communitystart?communityUuid=83570869-5a96-4d4c-9d27-1af105633f7d

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