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Wow, while seeing the comments coming in, I am asking myself, why we didn't have this discussion and argumentation before with let's say LotusScript. There wasn't a roadmap for LotusScript enhancements for decades but nobody said "you didn't give us a roadmap or plans for LotusScript, so it's dead - and if you won't deliver, we will leave". I think that's not the way the discussion should be done.

If you want Bootstrap 4 or whatever: create your own stuff and don't wait for vendors to deliver. XPages are highly extensible - so go ahead and built your own extensions or renderers.

Yes, XPages are based on old technology - what about LotusScript, eh?

Nobody wants to rebuilt their apps on Node.js or whatever if they run fine with existing technology. The focus on Node.js was clear but as I already wrote wouldn't necessarily be mine approach for new stuff for Domino as well.

"If you force me to use Node.js I will search for another platform". Great, but which? Regardless which it will be you will have to get yourself another skill and tool set - except you stay close to XPages with things like Spring, Vaadin or similar. 

I think (at least in my case) the things people are annoyed about XPages is not the technology itself but the way to work with them and develop with - and that's the tool, Domino Designer. It's not the sexiest in the world and people started to get used to slim but smart tools like VS Code with a gazillion of cool plugins that help coding fancy stuff. If DDE would be a little bit more like those tools I think we wouldn't discuss XPages in the way we are doing right now.

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