Reply to a comment from John Detterline

I agree with Oliver, in particular with his last point.  2017-2018 should have showed us that a lot can happen in a relatively short period of time.  I would suggest reserving judgement on the future of the platform until after Think 2019.  In less than a year HCL went from being a contracted developer of Domino to future owners, that's a heck of lot to process in a short  period of time.  Frankly it wouldn't surprise me if their near term goals changed significantly because they are purchasing the products.  They need to be able to recoup that investment so they must focus on ways to make that happen.  Catering to existing clients can help maintain a revenue stream, but that revenue stream might not be enough to justify the investment long term.  The smart move is to review your competition in the market and make sure you're at least at feature parity asap.  If Mongo and Couch have important features that Domino can't match - who will want to adopt Domino?  Adding those features also benefits existing customers, even if they don't utilize them right away.  Knowing that an upcoming release will add features found elsewhere may prevent existing clients from defecting.  Another important question to ask: Is XPages the best path to the RAD/low/no code goal?  If not, then they need to decide the best way to reach that goal and share it with the community.  I believe that often times many companies don't share information because they are afraid of causing panic, without realizing that not sharing information can have the same effect.  It would benefit HCL and the community if they provided information on the process as it stands right now.  Maybe they don't have an answer for XPages right now, which is fine, just admit it and explain why.  I also think they are resource constrained so they just don't have all the parts they need yet to address all the areas of need, it will take time to get all of that together.  I'm hoping the picture becomes much clearer in the next two weeks.

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