Reply to a comment from Sean Cull

@Paul " yes I am in production with XPages, my end users are very happy" - have you go V10 in production with happy customers ?

I am relatively happy with XPages as it is in V9 and I need it to be as good in V10 and to continue to be as good. So some maintenance investment but stability is key.  We have not experienced many issues in simple testing but it is the lack of positive feed back and the total opaqueness of known issues ( as opposed to this - ) that is making business decisions about deployment unnecessarily difficult.

In the past many people complained that IBM didn't concentrate on making the existing stuff stable enough although ironically XPages came out of IBM ignoring such requests.

Not an easy situation for customers or HCL. I do think HCL will get there and I hope that we are still interested when they do.

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