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I did the same path as you, I've registered to the free version then I tried to connect with my android tablet... but in the free version is not allower.

So I tried to understand some more, then I discovered that the IBM Verse is just another web mail.. with all the power they want, but only a web mail..

As I do not left on a server my important mail (I have my domain..), I decided to unsubscribe.

Ok, I have a gmail address, but I use it just for unuseful mails and to register the android device.

I prefer to download my mail on local and to write mail even when I'm not connected.

I have several mail addresses, and I do not see why I should look at them on several interface or give the access to my life to someone who will do analytics on my data.

I've heard they spent 100million dollars.. for me, a waste.

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