Reply to a comment from Paul Withers

The jams were about asking your customers for feedback on what the future direction should be.

What did the jams say about the future direction of Node.js development? Nothing was said in London, but I don't see any blog posts saying Node.js development on Domino is dead.

What did they say about what we would get under low code? Nothing was said in London, but I don't see anyone saying low code on Domino is being dumped.

Asking for feedback but first telling them what you're doing about one area is not the right way of doing it. That's the way to insult people. Listening requires closing your mouth and concentrating on your ears. It then requires using your brain to process what you've heard, and only then opening your mouth to communicate what you intend to do.

And to add to the discussion, yes I am in production with XPages, my end users are very happy with the modern look and feel, and I have no plans to redevelop those applications. Without some NDA knowledge I'm not party to, I don't think anyone can say what is or isn't in V11. Nothing's been announced, because IBM / HCL are asking for feedback to build V11 with us, not for us.

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