Happy birthday, NotesIn9!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 12:34 AM UTC

All of you Twitter friends have noticed it during the day: the fabulous podcast page and one of the first resources on the web for the ambitious XPages developer called "NotesIn9" became 5 years "young" today!

David started a very reliable and comfortable platform to spread the knowledge of XPages development and far beyond that. This resource now is one of the most important ones in and for the community as he always gathers for new content, new contributors and interesting stuff all around "our" platform IBM Notes and Domino. 

So did I when I started XPages development a few years ago: I read a lot but I always appreciated videos that demonstrate the practical ways of how to achieve what you are looking for. Many of the "VIPs" on the scene contributed their stuff to that page - and despite the loss of some of them this resource is still state-of-the-art. Not to forget the kind and generous way David always introduces every video with his own and honest words. Sometimes this is very entertaining and funny, too Smile !

So I'll encourage everyone of you who still do not know this great FREE service to use it instantly - and of course to contribute to it, too!

Today I am also very happy and proud to call myself also "a contributor" to this site as my little demo of how to use "Pushover" in your XPages application was published as no. 148!

Thank you, David, for having me (finally) on your show - I've got no problem with the delay or the fact you "forgot" my "real first time" last year regarding my Bootstrap Template on OpenNTF (5th place in the contest) *hrrrrhrrr* Cool All sins forgiven LOL Laughing


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